Why Choose WCS?

  • girl working on homeworkWCS offers an exceptional school experience with a stellar academic program that integrates Christian faith into every aspect. Offering an environment where children are encouraged to explore depth of  character, and love and integrity are principles taught, as well as actions expected.
  • WCS is a community, where children are surrounded by a staff of believers who love God, love children, and love to teach. WCS and its families are in agreement to educate with a basis in the Bible and a Christian world-view.
  • WCS includes many enrichment programs that are simply not availailable in other educational institutes. Children receive instruction in Music, Band, Library, Computer and Technology, Physical Education, and Art. Students attend Chapel weekly where students will come together for prayer, stories and music, and where families are welcomed and encouraged to join. 
  • WCS is more than just a school — it is a place that offers stability, encouragement, structure, friendship, and prayerful support. A place where students can expect to engage in school spirit and have fun.
  • WCS is a community of believers who genuinely seek and desire the best for each child’s future
  • WCS is purposed to make an everlasting impact in the lives of children and families.

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