WCS offers the best of school experiences with an exceptional academic program that integrates Christian faith into every aspect. Our school offers an environment where depths of character are explored, and love and integrity are both principles taught, as well as actions expected. WCS includes many programs that have been cut from most public schools. Children receive instruction in Music, Band, Library, Computer and Technology, Physical Education, and Art. 

Preschool & Kindergarten:

Our Preschool and Kindergarten are hands-on programs with both 1/2 and full day options. Both offer comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum to promote learning through discovery and critical thinking, preparing students to be independent throughout elementary. 


Small class sizes and interactive curriculum provide an environment for hands-on learning and academic excellence, from a Biblical worldview. Along with traditional core academic subjects, students receive instruction in physical education, music, technology, and art.

Middle School:

Local high schools have given accolades acknowledging how prepared WCS graduates are when they leave our program. Academically, WCS students excel in all areas and continually record above-average scores on annual achievement tests. The majority of our 8th grade students post scores in the 75th-100th percentile in both reading and math.