Purchasing lunches online

To purchase lunches online, follow these steps after you click the Buy Now link below:

  1. Decide whether you want to purchase single lunches or 10-pack lunches. If only a few lunches are needed for one or multiple children, purchase single lunches. Please note that 10-packs cannot be split between students.
  2. Choose your single or 10-pack lunches by grade and click “Select.”
  3. Enter the quantity desired and the student’s name.
  4. Check the agreement box.
  5. Click “Add to Cart.” The item is then moved to “My Cart.”
  6. Proceed to checkout: Click on “My Cart” or “Checkout.” You can then review the purchase and make any changes before submitting. You may use credit/debit card (2.85% convenience fee added) or have it automatically withdrawn from a checking/savings account (free).
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