WCS Buy Online

What can I buy online?

WCS partners with Smart Tuition to provide an easy way to pay tuition, purchase lunch tickets, buy event tickets, pay student activity fees and more. 

Do I need a special account?

You do Not need to create an account or remember any login information, plus it does not store any personal or financial information. 

How can I pay?

You may pay using a checking/savings account (FREE) or with credit/debit (2.85% convenience fee added.)  The charge will appear on your bank statement as SMART LLC SMART LLC.

How do I avoid a fee?

In the checkout screen when entering payment details, the program automatically defaults to the customer using a credit/debit card, which will incur a 2.85% convenience fee.  You can select Bank Account and enter the checking/savings account with routing number to avoid being charged the convenience fee.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?

Please contact our Financial Manager, Karen Flom, with questions.

Phone: 541-686-8655
Email: karenf@wcschool.org

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