Ethan Holub

WCS Board Of Directors

Ethan Holub

Ethan Holub and his wife, Christine, have seen first-hand what happens when children attend Willamette Christian School. As the parents of two adopted daughters who attend WCS, they can attest to the love, respect, patience, faith and sense of community that has been instilled in them by teachers and administrators.

Having served as a missionary in over 70 countries, Ethan appreciates the mission of the school and its purpose of sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Over the years, Ethan has been a pastor and ministry-builder. He is also part owner of both a taxi company and a land development company.

He and Christine also have a young son and are extremely active serving as mentors in their home and in the greater church community. What binds them together is their shared passion for bringing people into their family and raising them up to know and love God and find their direction in life.